Lewondr Elevated Dog Water Bowl No Spill, with 2.5L Large Capacity Water Bowl for Messy Drinkers and 1.1L Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, 3 Heights Adjustable Raised Dog Bowl Stand for Small to Large Dogs


  • 【Large Capacity Dog Water Bowl】: The stainless dog water bowl’s diameter is 7.9″/20cm and height is 4.4″/11.3cm, which can hold 2.5L of water. Meet the daily water volume of large dogs or multiple pets at the same time. It is ideal for families with large dogs or multiple pets.
  • 【No-spill Slow Water Feeder】: Anti-splash self-adjusting floating disk design helps slow down your pet’s drinking speed. When your pet’s tongue hits the float, it sinks and the water fluctuates to control the amount of water. Avoid splashing the floor or getting the dog’s mouth wet. It can also prevent dust, dirt and pet hair from falling into the water, keeping water clean.
  • 【Reduce Joint Pressure】: This elevated dog bowls stand can be adjusted to 3 levels (15.6cm/6.1”-19.6cm/7.7”-23.6cm/9.3”). Easily adjust by pressing the circular button on the stand. The raised stand design provides a comfortable position for small to large dogs to drink and relieve the stress on the pet’s neck and joints. Great ideal for older dogs, dogs with muscle or joint problems.
  • 【2-in-1 Dog Bowls Set】: Comes with 1 slow water bowl and 1 slow feeder bowl to effectively control the eating speed, prevent bloat and improve digestion. Besides, the slow feeder has the same diameter as water bowl. You can replace the water bowl if your dog need to control the eating speed, or make it worked as a 2 bowls set with food and water.
  • 【Stable & Easy to Clean】: The dog bowl stand is made of high-quality and durable plastic material. Anti-skid pads at the ends of the legs prevent the elevated dog bowls stand from moving around while eating. The detachable dog water bowl is made of premium stainless steel, rust-resistant and shock-proof, can be used in dishwashers, easy to clean and can be reused for a long time.


Lewondr Elevated Dog Slow Water Bowl with 1 Slow Feeder


🐕3 adjustable height. Suitable for small to large size dogs.

🐕2.5L slow water bowl for dogs to drink a whole day.

🐕No-spill slow water feeder avoids water all over the floor or get dog’s mouth wet.

🐕Easy to assemble, removable and reinstall structure for easy storage.

🐕1 slow water bowl and 1 slow feeder bowl to effectively control the eating speed, prevent bloat and improve digestion.


Slow Water Bowl: 20cm in diameter; 11.3cm in height; 2.5L in capacity

Slow Feeder Bowl: 20cm in diameter; 6.3cm in height; 1.1L in capacity

Elevated Dog Bowl Stand: 24*24*15.5cm

UPC: 723314091600